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Verlinden 1662
Greg Cihlar's Fabulous Military Dioramas

   This is a very detailed, soft cover book, Greg Cihlar's Military Dioramas from Verlinden Publications. Within the pages you will find incredible photographs and information on 8 different military dioramas which includes, a captured U.S. M8 “Greyhound”, a German King Tiger broken down under a bombed out rail bridge, a Sturmtiger in action during the Warsaw uprising, German street fighters taking cover behind a knocked out half-track, a Jagdpanther in a defensive position from a bombed-out German factory, a spectacular multi-leveled diorama of a Berlin sewer, a converted SdKfz 251 half track rescuing a G.I in Holland, and an awesome 1:16 scale King Tiger diorama. This book will assist you in the construction and detailing of your dioramas and would also be a great addition to any library.


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