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  Hermione LaFayette - 1780                     
   Scale  1/89 

     This beautiful French Frigate built in 1778 and on March 21, 1780, the Marques de La Fayette set sail on the Hermoine to fight along side the Americans in their quest for independence. In this way LaFayette earned his place in American history as true patriot of freedom. The Hermoine-La Fayette Association started reconstruction of a full size Hermoine in 1997. Now you can build a 1/89th scale replica of this historic sailing vessel that will be 29-1/2" long, a height of 23-1/2" and features all wood construction using plenty of Manzonia, Sapele, Ramin, Coral plywood and Boxwood pieces for hull and deck construction, double plank on frame construction, masts, yards, Brass pieces for the beautiful figurehead, bell, cannons, and hardware such as eyebolts, rudder hinges, pin racks, and much more, a complete set of hand-sewn sails, five colors of thread, brown and raw (pale green) for very detailed rigging applications, cloth British flag, with a very detailed pictorial instruction booklet in 4 languages that will allow you to sucessfully construct this very beautiful historical boat  

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